The CfIC is starting operations! Wishing you all a prosperous 2018




The CfIC is starting operations! Wishing you all a prosperous 2018


The CfIC is beginning operations this month, and we look forward to meeting with you!

Here is a reminder of what we do, and what to look forward to in 2018.


Our mission

When our founder came to Japan in 2016, she began to teach business English and soon discovered she loved it. Not only was teaching rewarding in itself, it allowed her to meet with smart, open-minded and interesting students. And she noticed a few things too.

A number of her students were facing a similar issue: they wanted to work in a foreign company or to be transferred abroad, but recruiters asked for experience of working in English. How can you possibly get the experience before you get the job?

Japanese traditional education focuses a lot on theory and standardized testing. But the real-world skills necessary to communicate and do business successfully in English are acquired through practice and by building self-confidence.

The CfIC intends to bridge the gap between English education and the conduct of business, and unlock its students’ career potential. We offer classes that allow professionals to practice and tune their English business skills, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


Coming in 2018!

1.     Our bilingual blog

Get free weekly practice in English by reading our bilingual newsletter! Our pieces focus on English for business purposes, intercultural communication, international business news and CfIC news.


2.     Classes and CfIC Certificates

We will gradually release new classes throughout the year.

We offer drop-in classes, and monthly subscriptions that allow you to take control of the cost of your education (the more you come, the cheaper it becomes!).

As soon as you attend one of our classes, you become eligible for one of our three levels of certificates.


  • Bronze Certificate: Professional

This certificate testifies that you have acquired 72 hours of business practice in English. To qualify for the certificate, you must have attended six sessions of any eight of our classes.

We encourage our students to elect classes that are complementary and do not only focus on one type of skill.


  • Silver Certificate: Manager

Only available to Bronze Certificate holders.

To be eligible for this certificate you will need to have completed 12 “Intercultural Communication” sessions and 10 “Grammar Mastery” sessions, and have passed the CfIC business English exams:

Business News essay

Grammar and Vocabulary multiple choice

Sales Presentation with Q&A

Intercultural Communication presentation

Combined with the Bronze Certificate, this will amount to over 105 hours of practice.


  • Gold Certificate: Project Leader

Only available to Bronze and Silver certificates holders.

You will join a team and work in English on a real-life project for six months.

You will also need to report regularly on your progress (presentations and reports) to our school staff.


3.     Corporate Seminars on Intercultural Communication

One of the CfIC’s missions is to increase cultural awareness among professionals and help shape global managers. To this end, we will be developing Intercultural Communication seminars for corporate clients.


CfICが開校いたします! 2018年があなたにとって実り多き一年になりますように












1.     バイリンガルブログ

バイリンガルニュースレターを読んで、毎週無料で英語の実践を積んでください! ブログの記事は、ビジネスのための英語、異文化間コミュニケーション、国際ビジネスに関するニュース、そしてCfiCのニュースに焦点を当てたものです。


2.     クラス、CfiC認定証





  • ブロンズ認定証:プロフェッショナル




  • シルバー認定証:マネージャー









  • ゴールド認定証:プロジェクトリーダー



さらに進歩の状況について当校スタッフに定期的に報告しなければなりません (プレゼンテーション及びレポート)。


3.     異文化間コミュニケーションに関する企業セミナー