Big summer savings – Join our Early Summer campaign!


The rainy season is hitting us hard and reminding us that half of 2018 has already passed… (here, the writer of this post screams in panic: how does time fly so fast??)

How has your year been so far? What about your goals? Do you feel satisfied with your current career? And most importantly, what do you want your remaining half of 2018 to be like?


Can we, at the CfIC, help you make the rest of 2018 a period of growth, discovery and self-realization?


Join the CfIC community now, and save 6,000 yen by participating in our Early Summer campaign!

The CfIC is a growing community of English learners and business English coaches. We are looking forward to meeting you and learning about your goals, interests and challenges related to English.


By joining the CfIC community, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to our classes for the duration of your plan (depending on seat availability)
  • High-quality content classes where you can brush up your business English skills in a small and friendly group (attendance is limited to 6 or 8 people depending on the class)
  • Daily contact with your assigned coach. Ask your coach to design the content of your next class on a topic of your interest (requests will be dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis). Contact them before or after the session to receive help with class preparation or to ask any questions you may have about session content!
  • Get support for making progress toward your goals. You can receive dedicated help from your assigned coach for up to 1.5 hours per month. Are you looking at graduate schools and need help with your search? Are you looking at job postings in English? Do you need a correction for a business email? Ask your coach freely! We are here to empower you. We want you to succeed at whatever goal you have set for yourself. You can also book in-person time with your coach and meet them at the HUB to work on a particular project!
  • Get a discount on Impact HUB Tokyo events! Come to the HUB to hang out with our international community and practice English through the HUB’s all-English events. And events are usually followed by a networking session!
  • Ask for a personal evaluation at any time. Ask your coach for an assessment of your progress and suggestions for your next steps in learning English.
  • Ask for a certificate of achievement from the CfIC at any time! We keep track of how many hours of English practice you have accumulated, and will issue an official document summarizing your skills and strength when requested.
  • Access to the CfIC lounge! Get free access to selected English publications. Read on fascinating business and current affairs topics, and don’t hesitate to ask the community for help if you are stuck on an article! (starting August 2018)


Our mission is to empower you to become a confident English speaker

and a global business person. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!


For every purchase of a 6-month plan on our website, you will receive a discount of 1,000 yen per month, or total savings of 6,000 yen!

Don’t forget to redeem your free trial or 20-min counselling session first!


Important change of policy

Starting July 1st, the CfIC will not be taking on drop-in students anymore.

If you wish to participate in our classes on an irregular basis, please let us know before this date!

Please note that the benefits listed above do not apply to drop-in students.














  • 学習プラン期間、無制限にクラス受講可能(残席数による)
  • 親しみやすい少人数グループでビジネス英語スキルを磨き上げられる、質の高いクラス(クラスによっては参加者6人または8人限定の場合もあり)
  • 担当コーチに日常的にコンタクトできる環境。次回のクラスを、あなたの関心が高いトピックに沿った内容で提案することも可能(リクエストは先着順で受付)。事前準備のお手伝いが必要、またはセッションの内容について質問したい場合は、受講前または終了後にコーチにご連絡ください!
  • 目標に向けて前進するための支援体制。1ヶ月あたり最大1.5時間まで、担当コーチによる専任サポートを受けることができます。大学院進学に向けた情報収集、英語を使う仕事に挑戦、ビジネスメールの添削…自由にコーチに相談しましょう!あなたを力づけるために私達がいるのです。どんな目標であれ、あなた自身が設定したとおりに成功してほしいと思っています。また、コーチとの対面ミーティングを予約してHUBで個人のプロジェクトを進めることも可能です!
  • Impact HUB Tokyoで開催されるイベント参加割引!Impact HUBで国際的なコミュニティと交流し、all English のイベントを通して英会話を実践できます。また、通常イベント後にはネットワーク作りの場もご用意!
  • 個人評価をいつでも依頼可能。進捗の評価や、英語学習における次のステップの提案をコーチに求めてみましょう。
  • CfICの成績証明書をいつでも取得可能!あなたがこれまで英語修得に何時間蓄積してきたかは当校で記録しており、依頼に応じてあなたのスキルや強みをまとめた公式文書を発行します。
  • CfICラウンジの利用が可能に!厳選された英字出版物が読み放題。ビジネスや時事問題など魅力あるトピックに触れて、記事で行き詰まるところがあれば気軽にコミュニティに聞いてみましょう!(2018年8月開始)