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USAと日本のコミュニケーションスタイルの最大の違い[高文脈 対 低文脈文化] (パート2)

In this article, we’ll explore the historical factors underlying the low-context vs. high-context distinction in the case of the US and Japan, and see how responsibility for good communication is affected by reliance on context.

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USAと日本のコミュニケーションスタイルの最大の違い [高文脈文化 VS 低文脈文化] (パート1)

What’s the no.1 communication style difference between the US and Japan? Edward T. Hall gave us the answer when he published his ranking of cultures from “low context” to “high context.” In this post, we’ll explore the meaning of Edward T. Hall’s scale of cultures.

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