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Guest Speaker Duc Doba @ CfIC

Tech entrepreneur Duc Doba will discuss his journey from Vietnam to Japan, his experience at Rakuten, Line, & Softbank and founding his company Tokyo Techies, and his observations on work culture in Vietnam and Japan.

Guest Speaker Duc Doba @ CfIC
Guest Speaker Duc Doba @ CfIC


2023年3月23日 19:00 – 20:00 JST



Part 1: Listening Comprehension. Lina will interview Duc.

Part 2: Asking for clarification. Please ask any questions aimed at clarifying what was discussed in Part 1.

Part 3: Q&A Practice. Please ask any questions you have for Duc.

Part 4: Wrap-up. Duc and CfIC coaches will leave, and we will do a quick wrap-up where we can tie any loose ends.


- Duc's experience working in tech, and in particular for Rakuten, Line and Softbank

- Duc's experience starting a business in Japan

- Intercultural communication between professionals from Japan & Vietnam and management of multicultural teams


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